About Us

SiNGA is a training program that prepares graduates for careers in retail and the clothing and textile industries. Students get classroom training and practical experience in fashion and textile design, manufacturing, retailing, production sewing, industry practices, business planning, entrepreneurial skills and teamwork.

SiNGA ya maisha means the "Thread of Life" in Lanagala a language of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thread is to the apparel industry as education and self-sufficiency are to life.

The initial seed that gave birth to SiNGA was planted in the late 1960s when Jackie Hart, a long-time advocate of community empowerment, was teaching sewing at a local DC community center. After several years of formal education, two careers: retail and teaching and being an entrepreneur, SiNGA was established in 1996.

SiNGA’s mission is to empower program participants to be competitive entrepreneurs in apparel and textile design, product development and trade, retail activities and how to launch their own businesses. SiNGA’s vision is to create a state-of-the-art facility, with a fashion incubator that supports and services entrepreneurs in the District of Columbia . This in turn will enhance economic development, alternative education, and global marketing.


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